Antwerp Hotels

Antwerp Hotels: cheap, excellent service and great hospitality!

Flag of Belgium

Tucked away in Belgium, Antwerp is a cultural and economic hub of this country. If you are traveling here through some of the package Europe tours then there is plenty, which this beautiful city offers you. You can easily find an accommodation here because many a hotel Antwerp abounds here.

Places to see

There are several places to see during your stay in Antwerp. Amongst the notable structures are the Central Station, Cathedral of Our Lady, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Law Courts, Plantin-Moretus Museum, Farmers’ Tower, St. James Church as well as many others. You can easily check in to any hotel Antwerp located nearby. Most of these hotels are spread out all across the city, making them accessible from virtually every location. Apart from the above listed places, there is also the Citadel, which bears its origins back to 1832.

Fashion and culture

In terms of fashion and culture, Antwerp is one of the few cities across Europe to boast of a cult status. If you went through any of the Europe tours you would find Antwerp to enjoy a distinct reputation of being a rising fashion hub. Many Belgian designers have taken their training here. As a cultural center, Antwerp has a rich heritage of artists such as Van Dyck, Teniers, Rubens, Jordaens and many more.

Beautiful hotels

There are many hotels in Europe, which you will find to be beautiful and within budget but the Antwerp hotels have a good deal of hospitality as well. Every hotel Antwerp prides itself on being the best in hospitality and customer service. The prices of these hotels are also very reasonable and will be within your budget. In addition, even though the price maybe cheap, the decor and interiors of these hotels can rival any of the high-end hotels in Europe.

Best hotel Antwerp

If you wish to stay in the best hotel Antwerp then one of the best ones is Britselei 37. The service levels of this hotel are excellent and it offers plenty of high-class facilities to the discerning tourist. The location is also very centralized, meaning that you can easily access it from anywhere in Antwerp. Then there is the Hotel’t Sandt, which is one of the best boutique hotels in Europe. It has a charming interior and every room is well equipped and spacious. The staff is also extremely friendly and hospitable. Hotel Julien is one hotel Antwerp, which is small in size but packs in a punch. The ambience of the hotel is very pleasant and the interiors have been exquisitely decorated. With fine furnishings and tasteful furniture, this hotel Antwerp is one place you have to stay in! Hotel Matelote offers you a nice mix of style and tranquility. It symbolizes everything that a tourist wants in a chic hotel. Besides, this hotel Antwerp is situated in the very heart of Antwerp, making it highly accessible through various means of transportation. Boulevard Leopold Bed and Breakfast is another B&B type of hotel Antwerp worth staying in.