Travel in Turkey

Flag of Turkey

Travel in Turkey is filled with lots of anticipation, fun and adventure. Whether you want to sample some authentic middle eastern food or just want to go backpacking, Turkey is the destination of choice for you.

Places to see

There are many interesting places to see when you travel in Turkey. Cities such as Bergama, Ankara, Bursa, Bodrum, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Goreme, Kalkan and Urgup are some of the most popular destinations in Turkey. Some of the best towns as well as villages you can explore include Sirince, which has lush greenery and beautiful landscape scenery. Then the small town of Ayvali is known for its harvest of apricots. The village of Alcati is known for its windmills. Thus, as you can see there is lot of variety in Turkey in terms of the kind of places to see.

Best hotels in Turkey

Travel in Turkey is enriched simply because of the numerous upscale hotels and accommodations that flourish here. The tourism of Turkey is well developed and hence you can expect many five-star hotels as well as cozy apartment accommodations to stay in. Although you may have seen plenty of hotels in Europe nothing is quite as nice as the hotels in Turkey. Each hotel prides itself on its high-class hospitality as well as superb interior d?cor. The rooms are cozy and delightful as well as equipped with all the amenities you would expect. In addition, all hotels here have high-end amenities. Many of the more exclusive resorts and hotels even offer spa experiences. This way, when you travel in Turkey you can rejuvenate your senses and revitalize your being.

Food and entertainment

The traditional food in Turkey comprises kebabs and a lot of meat based dishes. You can still find Ottoman cuisines in very rare places although it is mostly dishes like Bayaldi, Hanim Gobegi and HUnkar Begendi, which remain most popular today. Many of the upscale restaurants and bars will have such dishes so you can order them. As you can well imagine, no travel in Turkey is ever complete without sampling some mouth-watering kebabs. Kebabs are a meat or vegetable based dish, where the meat is marinated and minced to form a paste. Then it is skewered on direct charcoal or intense heat (which we call grilling) until the meat is cooked. These kebabs have become more ornate and experimental over the years. With more spices in the kebabs, the dish is even tastier.


You can go shopping when you travel in Turkey. There are plenty of high class shopping complexes as well as regular bazaar varieties. You can take your pick as per your budget and preferences. From spices to clothes to exotic silks, you can bring back a lot of the good stuff that Turkey offers. In fact, even if you were to go for some of the organized Europe tours you would not find so much variety as in Turkey! Travel in Turkey should be on every tourist’s itinerary and you should surely include it as a part of your travel soon!