Jerusalem the holy city

Jerusalem the holy city

Jerusalem is the only city in the whole world that is considered to be a sacred place for the followers of three different faiths. This is unique indeed. The Jews, the Muslims and the Christians consider Jerusalem to be the “Holy Land”. For many centuries the followers of Islam and Christianity clashed with one another for the possession of the “Holy Land”. The Crusades of the middle ages were fought on the soils of Jerusalem.

Modern day Jerusalem

The middle age Crusades are now history. Modern day Jerusalem is run under the laws of the Israeli government. One can just marvel at the fact that how the various religious places of the three different faiths have co-existed through the worst times of history and have passed into the modern times.

Jerusalem is divided into two halves – the old city and the new city. The various religious shrines and historical places can be found in the old city. On the other hand, the new city is full of luxury hotels, providing with the latest luxuries and world class services. The old city is broadly divided into four quarters namely the Jewish quarter, the Christian quarter, the Muslim quarter and the Armenian quarter.

Of these, the Armenian quarter is the smallest while the Muslim quarter is the largest. Various Jerusalem tours are conducted that take the tourists and the pilgrims to the various religious places. The most notable places of Jerusalem are the Wailing Wall (considered to be the most sacred place for the Jews), the Dome of the Rock (considered to be a sacred place for both the Muslims as well as the Jews), the Al Aqsa mosque (considered to be a sacred place for a sect of the Muslims), the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (considered to be sacred among a sect of Christians) and Mount Sinai (considered to be sacred among the Jews, the Christians as well as the Muslims). It is amazing to learn how some places can be considered to be sacred among three different faiths at the same time.

Staying in Jerusalem

Staying in Jerusalem is not a big problem. The luxury Jerusalem hotels offer world class services and are 24 hours ready to attend to the problem of the guests. Hotels like the King David hotel, the Inbal hotel, the David Citadel and the Leonardo Plaza are quite popular among the tourists worldwide.

If you are not interested in spending too much on your hotel rooms, then you can opt for the budgets hotels in Jerusalem. Some of the best budget hotels are La Perle hotel, Palatin hotel and the Jerusalem Inn hotel. Plan a vacation to Jerusalem and get a chance to witness history like never before.