Berlin Hotels

Berlin hotels: wide variety of choices for your stay!

Flag of Germany

Berlin hotels combine fine dining, plenty of hospitality and a wide array of amenities to choose from. Berlin enjoys the reputation of being one of the biggest cities in Germany and is a major hub of scientific, cultural, business and political activities. If you wish to stay in a hotel Berlin, you can select from a wide range of options.

Places to see

Berlin has many exquisite looking buildings, which boast fine architecture. It is also a major center for all artistic and cultural activities so art lovers will really enjoy their stay here. If you have opted for Europe tours packages make sure your itinerary includes Berlin as well. There are many festivals and events, which are conducted here on a regular basis. The active nightlife, cafes, museums and beautiful Berlin hotels all make this place a must-see.

The best accommodations in Berlin

If you are looking for the best Berlin hotels then your top pick should be Propeller Island City Lodge. You can have an out of this world experience here! Replete with a cloud-filled room, floating raft, flying bed, fortress to sleep in and much more – the hotel is like a dream come alive! If you love being amidst nature then the Honigmond Garden Hotel is a fascinating place. This hotel Berlin boasts plenty of lush greenery in the garden replete with fish, frogs, Japanese bridge, garden cabins and much more. The Pension 11 Himmel is a lovely place for those who like socially conscious places of interest. For a homely and family atmosphere the Ackselhaus is a fantastic place. This is one of the few Berlin hotels, which still has the ancient 19th century block of the apartment in place. It is exquisitely decorated and has a nice garden to have your breakfast in.

Discounts and budget hotels

Amongst the many Berlin hotels you need not only opt for the expensive and luxurious ones. If you are financially constrained then you can select from some of the budget hotel Berlin. In fact, the same concept applies to the rest of Europe as well. There are many hotels in Europe, which have reasonable rates and yet have good quality food, clean rooms and a nice ambience. Thus, for the cost-conscious traveler, Europe tours need not mean spending a fortune on the stay! The prices of amenities and rooms are slotted according to the level and a traveler can select these according to their individual finances.

Nostalgic journeys

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, then there are some Berlin hotels, which still provide such an experience. Take for example the Ostel hotel Berlin. It is replete with original GDR furniture. Everything from the carpets to the clocks date back to that time. You can enjoy tours inside Trabant cars here. For spectacular landscape views the Maritim Berlin hotel is probably one of the best. Try for the president’s suite here for the best panoramic views.