Jerusalem boutique hotels

The Jerusalem hotels are considered to be some of the best hotels in all of Israel. Equipped with modern day equipments and latest luxuries, the Jerusalem hotels make it a point to see that each and every guest is well attended to and that their comforts are never compromised with.

Accommodation in hotels in Israel

The country of Israel draws thousands of tourists and business travelers from around the world each year. These tourists can opt for accommodations either in the hotels situated in Tel Aviv or in the hotels situated in the “holy land” of Jerusalem.

It is advantageous to know that the Israel hotels are divided into two categories – the Tel Aviv hotels and the Jerusalem hotels. Both the kinds of hotels have their own pros and cons. While the Tel Aviv hotels offer sea facing rooms because of their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the Jerusalem hotels offer panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem.

It is for the tourists to decide whether they want to stay in Tel Aviv in order to enjoy the sea or whether they would rather stay in Jerusalem in order to explore the history of the old city. One thing is however certain that in both the cases, the guests would encounter world class luxury, comfy accommodations and excellent services from the hotel staff members.

Characteristic of Jerusalem hotels

It is fact that the Jerusalem luxury hotels are unable to provide sea facing rooms. Many tourists may find this fact a little difficult to accept. Therefore, these luxury hotels in Jerusalem have put in greater efforts on the luxury and comfort that they provide.

This putting in of extra effort to provide better services and luxuries has resulted in the formation of many designer hotels in the new city of Jerusalem. Gradually these Jerusalem boutique hotels have become quite popular now. It is a normal trend that the first time visitors tend to keep their trust only on those luxury hotels like the King David hotel, the David Citadel hotel and the Inbal hotel that has been around for many years and have become quite a landmark in Israel.

However, the newly renovated set of boutique hotels like the Dan Boutique hotel, the Harmony hotel, the Olive Tree hotel, the Addar hotel and the three “Little House” hotels are some places worth staying on your first ever trip to the land of Jerusalem. The elegantly furnished and brightly colored guestrooms, the lavish Israeli breakfast, the lounges and the sundecks make these hotels highly sought after by the tourists.

The absence of sea nearby, the absence of sea breeze and the absence of sandy beaches are highly compensated with the presence of world class luxuries, swimming pools, AC rooms and “happy hours” that allow for free drinks and snacks at these hotels. All these factors together combined make the Jerusalem hotels worth staying just like their counterparts in Tel Aviv.