Jerusalem best hotels

The city of Jerusalem has been considered to be a sacred place for the three oldest monotheistic religions of the world – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Even today the followers of these three faiths consider Jerusalem to be a “Holy Land”. After centuries of bloodshed and battles for possession of this “Holy Land”, Jerusalem is governed by Israel. Various tours are conducted in the old city of Jerusalem for the tourists and the visitors who come to savor history. These people book their stay in the Jerusalem hotels.

A unique fact about the Jerusalem hotels

A unique fact about the Jerusalem luxury hotels is that all these hotels are located in the new city of Jerusalem. All these hotels offer world class services and luxury for their guests. They make sure that the comfort of their guests is not compromised with. It is a unique combination of both the ancient world and the modern world. On one hand is the old city of Jerusalem with its four religious quarters, various historical and religious places. On the other hand is the new city of Jerusalem with the most modern Israel hotels, competing with one another in order to offer the best service and the latest luxuries for the guests.

Which hotel to go for in Jerusalem?

The various luxury hotels in Jerusalem might make you feel confused as to which hotel to go for during your visit to Jerusalem. Here is a suggestive list of the best hotels in Jerusalem to facilitate your choice:

•King David Hotel: The elegant facade of the royal King David Hotel overlooks the old city of Jerusalem. It has almost become landmark architecture in all of Israel. This prestigious hotel is often frequented by high profile dignitaries and diplomats from around the world. This hotel is owned by the Dan group of hotels who make sure that all the guests receive a warm welcome and access to the luxuries that the hotel has to offer.

•Inbal Hotel: Ask any person who has visited Jerusalem about the best hotels in Jerusalem and you are sure to hear the name of the Inbal hotel. The Inbal is considered to be the finest and the most luxurious of all the Jerusalem hotels. With 280 elegantly decorated guest rooms, luxury has reached new heights in Inbal. The gourmet cuisine, swimming pool, mini bars, lounges, spa and fitness centers will definitely make the guests come back for more.

•David Citadel Hotel: Guests often tend to confuse between the King David Hotel and the David Citadel Hotel because of the fact that both these hotels contain the name “David” and are located in close proximities to one another. The David Citadel is the latest feather that has been added to the cap of Jerusalem hotels.

Accommodation at these Jerusalem hotels will definitely make your vacation a more enjoyable and memorable experience. So contact your travel agent and book your ticket to Jerusalem today.