Zurich Hotels

Flag of Switzerland

One of the biggest cities located inside Switzerland, Zurich is undoubtedly a tourist’s paradise! If you are traveling to this beautiful city through some of the Europe tours then you must check out some of the Zurich hotels as well.

Events and festivals

There are plenty of events held regularly in Zurich, which will leave you enthralled. For example, there is the street parade, which is a gala event. The spring festival called Sechselauten is also a fantastic treat for the tourist. There is also an International Theater Festival, which is renowned for its performing arts. Then there is the annual field athletics and track event, which is held every year during August. If you are tired after all this activity, you can always check into any of the Zurich hotels located nearby. Every Zurich hotel prides itself on its hospitality and services. You will find plenty of high-class services even amongst the budget Zurich hotels.


The nightlife in Zurich is very alive and fascinating, which is another attraction for tourists worldwide. The district of Niederdorf is one of the most popular spots when it comes to clubbing and enjoying the nightlife. There are many beautiful restaurants, Zurich hotels as well as lounges and clubs situated here. If you want to indulge in a bit of high profile shopping, then you can find plenty of chic shops.

Right from hip-hop to Brazilian bars to even art house cinemas, there is plenty in terms of entertainment in Niederdorf. You will find Italian espresso cafes as well as exquisite kebabs at some of the nearby Turkish joints. After you have had your fill of sumptuous food, you can unwind at the nearby Zurich hotels.

Best Zurich hotels

If you have been to the best hotels in Europe you will be pleasantly surprised to find that some of the best ones are located in Zurich. Zurich hotels are well known for their high-class amenities while still being affordable. For example one of the best hotel Zurich is the Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich. One of the defining aspects about this hotel is its location. Being at a central location, it is easily accessible from virtually any part of the city. In addition to this, there is the Hotel Adler. This Zurich hotels promises plenty of comfort, fine dining experiences as well as excellent food. Thus, you can be assured of all your money’s worth! The Hotel Continental Zurich is a blend of fine dining, classic world charm as well as urban chic modern amenities as expected of a five star hotel. You will enjoy your stay here because of the fabulous facilities offered by this hotel.

If you are looking for Zurich hotels, which are a little more high-end then the Park Hyatt Zurich is your best choice. One of the best places to enjoy exquisite dining experiences, this is your best choice in terms of high-class places to stay in Zurich. Although many hotels in Europe offer such high-class facilities this hotel Zurich is a class apart.