Bruges Hotels

Bruges hotels: Christmas markets, shopping and a great staying experience

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Whether you are traveling here for a vacation or just here on an important business trip, you can find a suitable hotel Bruges as per your preference and budget. There are hotels available in different price slots and you can always pick one according to your financial situation.

Hotel de Tuilerieen

This is probably one of the most celebrated hotels in Europe. With a spectacular view of the Den Dyver canal and a super luxury ambience, this is one hotel Bruges you just cannot miss! With its dedicated car parking you can easily park your car and check in to the hotel. This hotel is one of the most luxurious hotel stays you will enjoy. If you have opted for any of the packaged Europe tours, and are tired of staying in super cheap, shabby places then this hotel Bruges will surely cheer you up! There are as many as forty five different rooms in this hotel and each one has been assigned a specific grade. Thus, you can select a room according to the grade and price level.

If you opt for an executive room, you will obtain a splendid view of the Den Dyver canal. Imagine waking up each morning to such a panoramic view of nature! As if that was not enough, the rooms in this hotel are huge and more spacious than any conventional hotels in Europe. Every room in this luxury hotel has antique furnishings, which lend a rich look to the ambience. The well-polished and waxed wooden floor provides an instant feeling of warmth and comfort. While the main room is very antique and exudes old world charm, the bathroom is all about modern chic elements and sophistication!

Hospitable and excellent service

No matter which Bruges hotels you stay in, you will find all of them being hospitable and with excellent amenities. The staff is courteous and goes out of their way to help fulfill your needs. One of the best examples of the finest hotels in Europe in Bruges is the Adornes Hotel. It is truly an adorable hotel, just like its name reflects. You can partake some of the best food and wine here along with excellent, high-class amenities.

Hotel Heritage is another fine hotel stay experience. It is like an all round package with great food, fine wines, perfectly hospitable staff, wonderful and tasteful decor and perfect views outside. Even though the price of this hotel Bruges can be a bit on the higher side, it still is worth all the money spent! Then there is the Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce, which is simply fantastic. If you love good food and the good life, you must come and stay at this hotel. Every dish on the menu is fantastic and visually appealing. In addition, this hotel Bruges has a fine collection of wines too, making this a food lover’s paradise!

Thus if you are opting for any of the Europe tours make sure to include stays at some of these hotel Bruges for a fantastic trip!