Travel in Belgium

Travel in Belgium: fun, frolic and adventure!

Flag of Belgium

Is travel in Belgium on your mind? Then, you are not alone! Thousands of people across the world yearn to see this most beautiful land. Replete with lush greenery, diverse shopping experiences and the best hotels, you can completely enjoy and pamper yourself during your stay here.

Events and festivals

If you have opted for any of the packaged Europe tours make sure to include Belgium as part of your itinerary as well. This country is bustling with loads of events held every year. The Graspop Metal Meeting is a heavy metal event held on a yearly basis in Dessel town. Then there is the Carnival de Binche, which is replete with fireworks and musical parades. Then there are other events held such as the Rock Werchter, Dour Festival, which has alternative music in its festival. The street festival of Gentse Feesten is also very popular with tourists. There are techno parties, theatrical events, musical events and much more!

Adventure thrills

For the nature lovers who love adventure and trekking there are many such activities planned in Belgium. Therefore, you must plan your travel in Belgium keeping in mind such excursions. For example, there is the famous Activiteiten Gent & Antwerpen, which features fantastic boat tours around Antwerp and Gent. There is also a cycling event held conducted over 24 hours. This is a fun-filled event, where young people get to know each other, cycle and have lots of beer.


No travel in Belgium is ever complete without sampling and buying some of the lovely Belgian chocolate! The extra dark, refined taste of the chocolate takes you to another world. Make sure that if your Europe tours are inclusive of Belgium that you purchase plenty of chocolates to take back home! Then there are lovely jewelry pieces sold in Antwerp. You can take back some lovely locally crafted jewelry, which you cannot find anywhere else. There are gorgeous textiles sold in Bruges and high fashion garments in Antwerp.

Eating out

Your travel in Belgium must include visits to the local cafes and restaurants. Belgium is renowned for its fabulous cuisine and culture of eating out. Since Belgium has Dutch, French and German influences, the cuisine and restaurants also have dishes reflecting all of that. There are also plenty of Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Moroccan and regular American cuisines to be found here.

Best way to plan your trip

One of the best way to plan your travel in Belgium is by leveraging travel software. Such software contain detailed information about a particular destination, the hotels you can find in that place as well as the activities you can plan here. You can also book your hotels and accommodation through travel software. You can select any destination of choice and then simply browse through all the choices available in terms of hotels, accommodation and food as well as events and activities. In addition, planning your hotel accommodation for your next travel in Belgium is very easy. All hotel listings can be sorted by name, price and amenities. Thus, according to your preferences and budget, you can plan your stay and travel in Belgium!