Travel in France

Travel in France: Experience a world of adventure, fashion and romance!

Flag of France

Travel in France has become increasingly popular amongst tourists the world over. France boasts of everything about the good life – great cuisine, spectacular scenery while also being known as the fashion capital of the world. If you wish to travel in France you will easily find an accommodation because of the numerous hotels in Europe especially in France.

Sightseeing galore!

If you are visiting France, then your itinerary cannot be complete without some sightseeing! Right from Paris, to Bordeaux, Cannes to Nice, every city in France has something to offer in terms of sightseeing. While you travel in France do not forget to see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Centre Pompidou, Arc de Triomphe in Paris. In Cannes there is the world famous film festival, La Croisette, Musee de la Mer etc. Nice is famous for its Matisse Museum, Le Chateau as well as the Nice Archaeology Museum as well as Roman Ruins. The Golden Triangle in Bordeaux, Le Grand Theater, Le Palais Rohan etc. are some of the other attractions in Bordeaux. Therefore, when you travel in France you should be sure to check out all these places of interest.

Wines in France

Travel in France is never complete without sampling some of the fine wines made here. French wine is revered throughout the world and not trying one of these is a sin! The predominant places of wine making are Bordeaux and The Aquitaine. Then there is the Vinorama museum dedicating the origins and history of Bordeaux wine.

Hotels in France

There are plenty of hotels in Europe especially within France. Since France is such a hot spot in terms of tourist destinations, it is no wonder that there are various kinds of hotels here. Thus, you can select a place of stay as per your individual tastes and preferences. There are Chateau hotels within France, rustic inns, romantic hotels, hotels that cater to specific budgets as well as the ultra-chic, sophisticated expensive hotels that cater to the rich set! Travel in France is made extra special because of the wonderful accommodations available here. In fact, you could opt for Europe tours, which also feature France in the itinerary! The budget hotels in Europe especially in France come within 100 dollars and get you your money’s worth. You will get good food, a clean ambience and fine hospitality as well.

Chateau hotels

Special mention of the Chateau hotels in France is essential so you know the kind of luxurious ambience you can expect here. Antique furniture, fine dining experiences, exquisite linens, stunning landscapes and much more are just some of the things awaiting you when you travel in France. In addition, the tours in Europe will also guide you through some of these antique Chateau hotels in France. Some of these hotels were originally castles and so you will still find antique and dated furniture, belonging to the ancient 14th and 15th centuries! Overall, when you travel in France you can experience beauty, adventure, fine dining and all aspects of luxury!

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