Travel in Israel

Israel with its association with the Biblical era and also with the times prior to that continues to draw large number of people from across the globe. Travel and tourism is a major revenue earner for Israel. The government provides various incentives to boost travel and tourism in Israel. The various Israel tours be it government owned or private, make it a point to offer quality service for the tourists, guests and the visitors.

Classification of the Israel tours

The various Israel tours are classified according to the places based on which the tours are focused. There are certain standard tours operational in Israel. However, if a visitor or group of visitors so wishes, the he or she can contact the travel agents and get their tours customized.

The various tours in Israel are:

  • Biblical tours - These tours will take the visitors to those places that are either associated with the life of Jesus Christ or are mentioned in the Bible. Such places include visits to Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights etc.
  • Jewish tours - These tours focus on Jewish places of interest like the Western Wall, the Masada, the Temple Mount and the various synagogues in Israel.
  • Islamic tours - These tours take the tourists to those places that have Islamic significance. Such places include the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount and the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Among all the places of Israel, the old city of Jerusalem draws the maximum number of crowd since it houses religious structures that are important to the Jews, the Muslims as well as the Christians.

Accommodation in Jerusalem

When it comes to accommodation in Jerusalem, the tourists can stay in the Jerusalem hotels that are considered to be among the best hotels in Israel. These hotels play a major role in the tourism industry. Some of the best Jerusalem hotels include:

  • King David Hotel - The King David hotel is one of the premier hotels of Israel. The facade of this majestic hotel overlooks the old city of Jerusalem. The hotel provides top notch services and luxury for the guests.
  • Jerusalem Gate Hotel - This is one of the few hotels that offer kosher food keeping in mind the requirements of its Jewish guests. The hotel provides high standards of service and makes sure that the guests experience a wonderful holidaying experience.
  • David Citadel Hotel - Often people get confused between the David Citadel and the King David hotels. The hotels are located in close proximity to one another but are owned by separate groups. The David Citadel is the latest to join the rank of Jerusalem hotels.

Israel with its years of history and rugged landscape is definitely a worth visit. The Israel tours make sure that your experience with history is memorable and you keep on coming back for more every year.