Travel in Czech Republic

Flag of Czech Republic

Located in the dreamy place of Central Europe, the Czech Republic is a favorite destination amongst tourists. When travel in Czech Republic is on your mind, you can look forward to plenty of sightseeing and lots of fine dining!


Plenty of meat characterizes the cuisine of the Czech Republic. Chicken, beef and pork remain the primary dishes cooked here. Rabbit, goose, duck as well as other wild game are also common at most meals here. People here do not eat much of fish. However, fish varieties such as carp and trout are common and served during the Christmas season. Czech Republic liquors are also very popular. Varieties such as Fernet Stock, Kofola, Becherovka etc. are all highly popular amongst all tourists.

Sports and adventure

In terms of sporting action, travel in Czech Republic has lots to offer. Ice hockey and football are the favorite sports here. Then there are sports tournaments for games like athletics, volleyball, basketball, handball, floorball etc. One of the most famous sporting events held in the Czech Republic is the Ice Hockey World Championship. If you are part of the Eastern Europe Tour you should not miss this championship in the Czech Republic.

Using software for planning your travel in Czech Republic

If you plan to travel in Czech Republic and want to get the best from your vacation you need travel software. Such software help you select the best hotels, places to see and eat out. Thus, you can plan your itinerary and trip accordingly. Such travel software also list out hotels in the Czech Republic according to the budget and amenities available. Thus, according to your individual preferences and budget, you can select an appropriate hotel.

Best hotels in Czech Republic

If you have opted for one of the packaged Europe tours you should definitely make travel in Czech Republic as part of your itinerary. One of the best things about this place is that you will find some of the best hotels here. Depending on which city you are visiting in the Czech Republic, whether it is Bohemia or Prague, you can select the appropriate hotel using travel software. For example, the Golden Well hotel in Prague is one of the best hotels you will find in Czech Republic. In addition to this hotel, there is the famous Arcadia Residence, which offers a home-like ambience at affordable rates. It is a real pleasure staying here as the staff is very hospitable and polite and you get some of the finest foods here. The Savic hotel proves to be excellent even in the eyes of the most finicky customer! Right from the way the hotel staff greet you, to the way they make you feel at home, to the amenities offered here, everything is done to perfection! If you travel in Czech Republic you must stay in this lovely hotel! If you love staying in boutique hotels then the Design Hotel Dax will fulfill your wish. This hotel is situated in central part of the Czech Republic, making it accessible to every part of the place. The Santini Residence is another favorite place to stay because of the cozy ambience and home-like atmosphere and food it provides.