Travel in Italy

Flag of Italy

Italy is one of the smaller countries in the world when it comes to size but in terms of heritage, culture and history, there are few nations that can even come close to it. When you travel in Italy you are transformed to another place altogether.

How to Visit

The best part of travel in Italy is that you can reach the country without any problem. Italy is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of its connectivity to other countries and within itself. You can travel to Italy from other European countries on road. You may also fly in or sail up the Mediterranean Sea. It is completely up to you.

Places to Visit

There is no end to the places of interest in Italy. Rome, the Italian capital is in itself a tour package altogether. There are innumerable cathedrals in Rome to see. Then there are the other places to visit in Italy including Roman buildings like Colosseum. Vatican City, the seat of the Holy Pope, is also nearby. Other places you cannot give a miss when you travel in Italy include Florence, Venice, Cinque Terra, Sicily, Turin, Capri, Sorrento, Abruzzo and San Gimignano.

Travel Guide

Your Italy travel guide is the best thing to carry around when you travel in Italy. The travel guide will not only list the places to visit in Italy but will also tell you about the places to see in a specific city in the country. There are online travel guides available for you to use but when you are traveling we recommend you carry a book on your person.

Where to Stay?

There are innumerable places to stay when you travel in Italy. Where you want to stay depends on your budget. There are hotels in Italy that range from the basic inns to the 7-star deluxe hotels. And all these hotels are located in almost every city that attracts tourists. Anywhere you stay, you get that quintessential Italian flavor that makes your Italian tour a truly memorable one.


If you know the Italian language then there is nothing better than that. However, even if you don’t understand the language, your tour guide will be of great help. As it is the Italians are in the habit of gesticulating a lot when they talk and you will understand part of what they are saying just by looking at their hand movements.

If you are planning to travel in Italy then we ask you not to mix your itinerary where you need to visit other countries as well. Italy has so many things to see that you will curse yourself if you don’t give your visit ample time. Once you are there you will never feel like leaving.